Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Firewall Issue - Resolved

Some users have reported an issue with accessing servers behind their firewall in our U.S. West data center. Our Engineering team is currently investigating. Please log a case to be notified or check here for further updates.

Update: @ 11:25 AM PST Feb 7 - Our Engineering team reports the issue has reoccurred and is researching the problem.

Update: @ 1:00 PM PST Feb 7 - Network Engineers have marked the device as stable and are working with our vendors for more information and to ensure this does not happen again.

Update: @ 01:36 AM PST Feb 8 - The issue has reoccurred and out Network Engineering team is investigating.

Update: @ 06:42 AM PST Feb 8 - The Network Engineering team reports that the issue has been resolved. The firewall is now stable.

Update: @ 1:21 PM PST Feb 8 - We are again seeing this issue and we are working on a resolution.

Update: @ 1:40 PM PST Feb 8 - The issue has been resolved.